Exotic and Emergent Citrus Viruses Relevant to the Mediterranean Region

This review was conceptualized, developed and finalized as an early action of the project NOVARANCIA “Technological innovations (genetic, phytosanitary and agronomic) for the valorisation and traceability of red orange of Sicily”, funded by Regione Siciliana, PSR Sicilia 2014-2020, action 16 –Cooperation, sub-action 16.1.

Antonino F. Catara (1), Moshe Bar-Joseph (2) and Grazia Licciardello (3)

1 Formerly of Department of Phytosanitary Science and Technologies, University of Catania, 95123 Catania, Italy
2 The S. Tolkowsky Laboratory, Department of Plant Pathology, The Volcani Center, Agricultural Research Organization, Bet Dagan 7505101, Israel
3 CREA—Council for Agricultural Research and Economics, Research Centre for Olive, Citrus and Tree Fruit, 95127 Acireale, Italy


Citrus production in the Mediterranean area is of considerable importance, in both cultural and economic terms, and the viability of the industry greatly depends on proper phytosanitary management. In this review, we focus on exotic and emerging dangerous citrus viruses that have still not been reported in the countries of the Mediterranean area, that are not yet regulated or that are restricted to certain small areas. We also discuss the contribution that old and new technologies
may offer for valuable surveys aimed at promoting the adoption and sharing of better control measures and the production of pathogen-tested citrus trees and rootstocks.

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